European roots,
Worldwide expansion

The history of Mitas brand reaches back to the thirties of the last century. The tires were first produced in Prague, then in Zlín, and then in Otrokovice. In 2016, Mitas became a part of group Trelleborg. Currently, the Mitas brand tires are produced in the plants located in six European countries and in one production plant in America. The latest European production plant in Otrokovice started operating in 2013. It produces radial tires designed for high performance agricultural technology. Another significant milestone was the opening of the production plant in the USA, where the production of radial and agricultural Mitas tires commenced in 2012. The production plant is located directly in the heart of the American farming industry and in the area with many producers of agricultural technology. Extensive American market with high demands provides Mitas brand with great potential.

Formerly, Mitas brand focused particularly on the European market because the first product types were designed primarily for Europe. Currently, it is distributed worldwide using global sale network Trelleborg Wheel Systems.

The quality and reliability are the moving force for Mitas brand. We want to meet the requirements of our customers and help them keep the pace with the dynamic world of agriculture, construction, moto, bicycle, aircraft and truck tires.

Group Trelleborg, where the Mitas brand is a member, has an annual turnover of 32 milliard SEK (3.28 milliard Euro, 3.69 milliard USD) and it is present in 50 countries.

 The shares of Trelleborg are traded in the stock exchange from 1964 and registered in the stock exchange in Nasdaq Stockholm, Large Cap.

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