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OCELOT has an intermediate tread pattern and is a popular choice for those who enjoy riding on a medium-hard terrain with the hard ground. The tread geometry is designed for good self-cleaning under demanding conditions.

Classic Construction

  • 22 TPI Durable Carcass
  • Strandard Carbon Black Compound
  • Wire Bead (Rigid)
  • Tubetype Use (with Innertube)

Available Tyre Sizes:

  • 29 x 2,35 (60-622)
  • 29 x 2,10 (54-622)
  • 27,5 x 2,35 (60-584)
  • 27,5 x 2,10 (54-584)
  • 26 x 2,10 (54-559)
  • 24 x 2,10 (54-507)
  • 20 x 2,10 (54-406)
  • 16 x 2,10 (54-305)
    Tyre size is defined by ETRTO to ensure perfect fit and safety. It is recommended to replace your bicycle’s tyres by the same size as original equipment.  Tyre width and wheel diameter are specified in millimeters by ETRTO but measurement in inches may also be used as alternative. Alternative system considers the diameter of the complete system (wheel + tyre), while the norm considers wheel and tyre separately as you can see below:
    Size Explanation
    Size Chart
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