Mitas at the strong Cape Epic competition

Mitas at the strong Cape Epic competition

Really proud to have supported the young riders Emma Terrigeol (20 yo) and Marie Dufossé (21 yo) from Team Cycles Darnanville (FRA) during the strong Cape Epic 2021 in South Africa. 

After 39h03min30s, 8 days, 7 stages and a prologue, 620km with 15350m of D + the athletes finished at 8th place in the women category!


The difficult stages and tough trails had challenged Scylla tyre, ridden by the two athletes during the entire competition. Mud, rain and wind are a job Scylla can get its teeth into!

Emma Terrigeol: “Scylla tyres are very super. Yesterday dusty conditions, today muddy conditions, the Scylla is perfect in many conditions!”




Curious about how they killed the stages and the daily routine at Cape Epic?
Tent, mud, heat, rain and more that you can watch now! Feel like a Cape Epic finisher!

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